A “Good Stewardship of All Life” is central within United People Foundation, and is a concept based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). In this declaration, the words “United Nations” are replaced by “United People”, meaning an endeavour of, for and by the people. It represents: unity in diversity, wellness, safety, love, freedom, service, wellbeing and peace. The United People Foundation is a means to serve society and to live out the United People vision. Natural consciousness growth enables profit to improve life on earth.


The United People Foundation engages in the developing and promoting of innovative projects, products and services, which are exclusively of service to society. United People invests in flora, fauna, humanity and a healthy economy. In co-operation with other entities, United People ensures that the implementation of its projects, products and services is well balanced. This way, we return money to its original status of being a means to make our lives easier. Our activities offer only a return on investment based on natural growth. The result is a society in which people can build an existence based on respect, humanitarianism and generosity. After all, we are the change ourselves.