United People Foundation is a non-profit foundation. We develop and promote innovative projects, products and services which serve the whole of mankind. In partnership with third parties, we ensure that our projects, products and services are thoroughly implemented in society.

United People Foundation (UPF) main objective is to contribute to the achievement A Good Stewardship of All Life as described in the New Declaration of Human Rights (NDHR). In this declaration the words United People has the meaning; Of, For and By the people.

Achieving the objective
A just and caring society will not appear from nowhere, and it will take a lot of effort and support. This is the reason why UPF’s goal is so relevant. Your government wants to do the right thing but cannot. They are trapped in a financial system. All the outcomes we desire, we will have to do by OURSELVES.

Projects, products and services
Click on Inspiration to see what the power of uniting as a cooperative is: a society of-, for- and by the people. You can read about it in our Movement Goals, which envisage a new Financial System, Tax System, Social Security and Consumer Interest. All these things can change when we as a society make this choice.

Choosing your contribution
We not only develop, advice, promote and implement; we also issue Member Certificates for our own cooperatives as they arise, such as the B of Joy. Are you fed up with the current state of affairs? If so, the question that then arises is: what contribution will you choose to give to achieve a just and loving society?