What we are

United People Foundation (UPF) is a non-profit foundation. We are a networking organisation whose priority is social entrepreneurship. Our starting point is the honouring of social and international rights and basic freedoms, as documented in the New Declaration of Human Rights (NDHR).

By means of social entrepreneurship and by involving everyone who wishes to be a part of it, the UPF hopes to accomplish the intent of this declaration (article 28).

What we want
By a “Proper Stewardship of All Life”, the UPF seeks to contribute to a better and more loving world, where all citizens can experience the rights laid out in the NDHR, which are:

  • Right to life (article 3);
  • Right to a well-functioning democracy (article 21);
  • Right to social security, when needed (article 22);
  • Right to work with fair pay (article 23);
  • Right to protection against poverty, as well as affordable housing and healthcare (article 25);
  • Right to education (article 26);
  • To facilitate circular (including local) self-reliant economies.