B of Joy Blockchain and Payment Application

United People Foundation (UPF) have started developing the B of Joy payment application, an App based on the 3rd and 4rd generation Blockchain technology. We link this technology to the URA currency. The App features the latest technologies and specifications.

This approach was chosen to speed up the inflow of EMC-holders, supporters and donors through this project with payment options. It is the basis of any form of banking where you can receive and pay money to third parties. However, this development will require extra money. This year, we want to collect the needed money through a form of Crowdfunding which we already know by selling EMC's.

As soon as this payment application is operational, we are one step closer to the moment we can deliver the desired banking services. In doing so, B of Joy will be offering the perspective of a healthy economy and a just society. In short, real changes, prosperity and well-being for every participant!

To have a first impression on the B of Joy Payment App and his great capabilities, click here!